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Writing an essay require prior planning about "what you want to write about""who you want to be the reader(s) of your essay" and "what you wish to tell the reader(s)". This first step in essay writing involves brainstorming of ideas and writing them in words and short sentences. After getting the ideas on an already decided topic the next step will be preparing an outline of your ideas. Your ideas should flow systematically to allow the reader(s) to read and understand your essay with ease.

After developingan outline of your ideas the next step in essay writing will be to write a thesis statement. A thesis statement in essay writing is a focused section of the first paragraph showing what the author wants to prove in the essay. It is contained in the introduction paragraph of the essay. A thesis statement in essay writing should be brief and limited to the points you want to establishin the essay. Uktopessays.com can help you come up with an appropriate thesis statement for your essay.

With your thesis statement you can now write the body of your essay. Uktopessays.com will give you a guideline on how to arrange the body of your essay. The first step in arranging for the body in essay writing will be by writing the main points of your essay. You can now proceed to writing sub points and then elaborating them.

After you have given a discussion of the sub points the next step in essay writing will be giving a conclusion to the essay. The conclusion will entail a review of the points contained in the topic under discussion. Uktopessays.com will help you bring the reader to a closure by helping you sum up your points. However you are free to include your finishing touches in the conclusion of the essay.

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